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Vocational Computer Training Center

Vocational Computer Training Center

In India the educational system does not supply equal opportunities as in Denmark. The result is that children and young people with dalite/low cast background often drops out of the educational system because the quality of the basic teaching is very poor. EWB DK co-operate with ”Development of Education and Environment Trust” (DEET) to give some of these young people a better future. The goal is that poor children, young and single mothers are getting a better chance of feeding them selves but getting a better paid job. DEET and EWB-DK has now constructed a training center equipped with computers, sewing machines and teaching facilities. The training center has been erected in Tamil Nadu about 35 km outside the city of Madurai. It is a very remote and poor area without many possibilities.

The project contributes to quality education and reduced inequalities in compliance with the current UN Sustainable Development Goals.