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Water and Sanitation for Marmo Primary school

Water and Sanitation for Marmo Primary school

The Marmo Primary School is situated in the Karatu District approximately 30 km north of the main road from Arusha to the Ngorongoro Crater, close to the Ngorongoro forest. Karatu District is part of the Arusha region in the northern Tanzania. The school was opened in 2009 and provides primary education for approximately 500 children from 1st to 7th class. There are 8 people employed at the school being 6 teachers one cook and one watchman. The school has 5 classrooms and a shelter where the food for the children is prepared. All the children get daily lunch at the school. Due to the lack of classrooms some classes share a classroom. One class uses the room in the morning and the other in the afternoon. The school needs water for drinking, cooking, cleaning. The Marmo Primary School has no direct supply of water or any rain water collecting system, and therefore the children daily have to spend valuable lesson time fetching water some 2 kilometres away for household use at the school. Time they should have spent in the classrooms instead. It is estimated that the children are wasting approximately 2 hours of their lessons time in fetching water daily with the result that approximately 10% of the children drop out of the school not getting a much needed primary education. The fact that many of the children also suffer from water born diseases also contributes to the level of dropouts.

The project establishes a reliable water supply for the Marmo primary school by constructing a water-pipe connection from the public water supply sytem to the school, and connects a drinking water tank to it. Additionally, this project establishes a rainwater harvesting system, which includes collecting tanks. 

The project improves the water, sanitation and hygiene conditions for over 500 children at the primary school, as well as teachers and other staff. 

The project contributes to clean water and sanitation in compliance with the current UN Sustainable Development Goals.