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Shelter Project. Phase 3. Straw Houses

Shelter Project. Phase 3. Straw Houses

Charsadda and the surrounding area, in Pakistan, was hit by the first flooding in august 2010, and many people lost their homes and their belongings. IUG has had a project here, but the shelters had to be improved to be able to stand against a new flood, and improved sanitation was also needed.

The missions objective is to prepare the people and the area for coming flood, and to provide better sanitation especially to the women, who are very old-fashioned, and will not use the same facilities as the men.

PAKSBAB offers creative green building solutions using local labor and renewable materials to provide affordable permanent housing especially suited for seismic and severe temperature regions of developing countries, such as Pakistan.

The project contributes to clean water and sanitation in compliance with the current UN Sustainable Development Goals.