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Rawaeen: Establishing Solar Power Energy

Rawaeen: Establishing Solar Power Energy

Al-Rawaeen is a small Palestinian community 25 km south east of Bethlehem. About 35 families in the village live on their own land, in an area of about 1 square kilometer, surviving mainly on agriculture and herding. Due to the ongoing conflict in the area, the local communities are deprived of access to electricity and no public electric power grid is available in this area. Alternative energy sources, such as solar power, are to a certain degree accepted and not targeted for destruction. 

In cooperation with EWB-Palestine and the local villagers in Rawaeen, this project installs a solar powered energy supply system that can provide the local village with enough power to support light bulbs, refridgerators, TV and charging possibilities. The system is to be maintained of the local villagers and their funds, to ensure sustainability. EWB-DK and EWB-PL have in an earlier project collaborated in supplying the school and mosque in Al-Rawaeen with electric power from solar PV-panels.

The project establishes access to electricity for around 150 people. Electricity enables communication for the community, and allows children to continue their education.

The project contributes to affordable and clean energy in compliance with the current UN Sustainable Development Goals.