Tumbatu Water supply

Tumbatu Water supply

The objective of this WASH project is to improve access to clean water and sanitation in Tumbatu Island and contribute to the development of a healthy community. This is done through renovating the watersystem and school sanitation and to secure full benefit to the target group of schoolchildren, families and community, training and awareness raising will be carried out to improve good hygiene practices.


The project contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals regarding Clean water and sanitation (#6), reduced inequalities (#10) and partnerships for the goals (#17).


  • Project No.: 131
  • Categories: Water and Sanitation, East Africa, Tanzania
  • Budget: 956.000
  • Project Manager: Ole Torp Aundal
  • Partner Organization: SOS Børnebyerne Danmark, SOS Children’s Villages Tanzania, Rambøll Fonden