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Teraja 2. Water Supply

Teraja 2. Water Supply

In the Karatu district in Northern Tanzania, water supply and sanitation infrastructures are in very poor condition. Water is collected from unprotected hand-dug wells. Additionally, the local communities in rural areas lack a basic understanding of the importance of clean drinking water, and proper sanitation and hygiene behaviour. There is no prospect of the government developing any water supply in the area and the people, who are also struggling with water-related diseases, are left to care for themselves.

This project improves the water and sanitation conditions in the Karatu district, by establishing access to water, safe latrines, and provides information and training in sanitation and hygiene.

The soil is not fit for drilling wells, which is why rainwater harvesting is a better fit option. This project establishes water tanks a local school, which secures 2,2 litres of clean water pr. student. Local capacity building contributes to increase local knowledge of this approach, and the tanks are produced with local materials, to inspire other surrounding communities to implement the same structures for water harvesting. 

The project contributes to clean water and sanitation in compliance with the current UN Sustainable Development Goals.


  • Project No.: 016
  • Categories: Water and Sanitation, East Africa, Tanzania
  • Budget: 65.000 DKK
  • Project Manager: Vitus Nielsen
  • Partner Organization: ASF - Dansk Folkehjælp; KDA - Karatu Development Association