White Tea - Solar Drying

White Tea - Solar Drying

1. Purpose of the project.

The education and capacity building mission to Kenya have three main purposes.

• To provide the farmers with an opportunity to meet, discuss, observe and see for themselves what the smallholder farmers in Kenya are doing with regards tea production, processing and marketing.

• To gain technical knowledge on how white tea is produced in Kenya, learn the whole tea value chain and the marketing of white tea.

• To give the farmers the opportunity to learn effective governance structures, Best practices that increases tea production, financial transparency and the accountability of the Association leadership to the tea farmers, etc. 



2. Tasks of EWB-DK

• To monitor and evaluate the technical solutions used in Kenya in the white tea production and with their technical expertise to be a counterpart to the tea farmers from Zimbabwe.

• To observe and collect data and information on the value chain for white tea in Kenya and the Eastern African region.

• To be responsible for the financial administration, control and supervision of all the actions and activities of the delegates during the tour.



3. Expected outcome of the mission

It is the main objective of the planned educational tour to Kenya that the delegates, especially the Honde Valle tea growers are going to increase their skills and knowledge in relation to tea production. In this regard, the importance of capacitating the Honde Valley Tea Growers Association farmers in all respects of the white tea value chain cannot be over emphasized.


In order to realize this main objective the farmers are expected after the tour to:

• Have gained technical knowledge on how white tea is produced in Kenya and the whole value chain processes from picking of tea to marketing.

• Have acquired education and knowledge to establish a white tea production centre through competence development of tea growers and development of a climate smart, low-tech test, processing, packaging and marketing centre.

• See the training and capacity development of the Honde Valley Tea Growers Association enabling them to work as a strong association with transparent and good governance structures.