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Asembo Water Supply and Irrigation

Asembo Water Supply and Irrigation

In cooperation with Kanyakoo and Western Kenya’s Friends, EWB-DK helped secure a stable water supply in Raliew Village close to Lake Victoria. The water supply is crucial to the community, who needs water to grow vegetables etc. they can sell in nearby villages. The need led to an investigation of the possibility to establish a water pipe to the lake and establish an irrigation system. The overall long-term objective of the project is to enable all families in Raliew Village to increase their income through improved agriculture, thus improving their living conditions and health. The project established a pilot irrigation scheme for two acres of land owned by eight farmers from Raliew Village, with the aim of illustrating the economic benefits of producing vegetables also in the dry season.

The project contributes to no poverty, zero hunger and clean water and sanitation in compliance with the current UN Sustainable Development Goals.