Sierra Leone


Innovation and circular economy: Precious Plastic in Freetown, Sierra Leone

Innovation and circular economy: Precious Plastic in Freetown, Sierra Leone

The aim of the project is to design, implement and operate a system for collection and recycling of plastic waste from two local communites: Kannigo and Potter. This will not only avoid plastic to clogg the canals for drainage but it will help reduce the volume of plastic that ends up in Aberdeen Creek and eventually in the ocean. It will also create a business case for the local population.

The objectives of the project is a positive environmental impact, healthier surroundings and communities through less water in the streets and in the waterways. This is achieved by fulfilling the following strategies: 

  • Establishment of a clear picture of the situation, including stakeholders involved, technological/economic/social bottlenecks, potential financial support
  • Assessment of options and if Precious Plastic is an adequate solution in collaboration with relevant local stakeholders
  • Design of the intervention, including one or more low-tech manufacturing methods from Precious Plastic, a business model for collecting the plastic waste from the households and potentially from canals in the communities, as well as the recycling facility.
  • Establishment of the collection system and recycling facility in collaboration with local stakeholder
  • Ensure local ownership throughout the project, test and operate the facility and make sure that the partners can maintain the machines and production setup.


The project contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals regarding  Decent Work and Economic Growth (#8), Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure (#9), Sustainable Cities and Communities (#11) and Partnerships for the Goals (#17).