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COVID-19 cloth masks for Africa

COVID-19 cloth masks for Africa

The COVID-19 pandemic causing the death of app. 230.000 people globally as of late April, has also reached Africa. The implications for the African population may be the most significant health and economic threat ever in history.


The present project will launch the production and distribution of community available, recyclable cloth masks and soap accompanied by preventive hygiene guidelines and instruction material to two separate populations in vulnerable communities in Guinea-Bissau and Sierra Leone, West Africa with a total target group of app. 100.000 individuals.


The initiative has comeabout through the cooperation between Engineers without Borders Denmark (EWB-DK) and the University of Southern Denmark (SDU). Both organizations have prior long standing experience in Africa and are already established with reliable, well-known local partners in Sierra Leone and Guinea-Bissau, allowing for fast and efficient interventions.


  • Project No.: 140
  • Categories: West Africa, Disaster Relief, Sierra Leone
  • Budget: 1.922.000 DKK
  • Project Manager: Dorte Lindegaard Madsen
  • Partner Organization: University of Southern Denmark, SDU