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Sierra Leone 


Teachers' Accommodation

Teachers' Accommodation

The civil war from 1991-2001 left the Kenema District very poor and with massive social, economic and physical damage to all infrastructure. This means that good teachers flee the district for greener pastures, creating a general lack of basic education in the area and the area grows ever more poor and abandoned.

EWB-DK has constructed a local school in the handicap community of Norway in order to secure education for children of some of the most vulnerable families in Sierra Leone. With money from donors, it was possible to build four teacher accommodations, which can hold one family or two single teachers. Each house also has a small latrine in an adjoining building, and the accommodations are in high demand. The teachers’ accommodation is important in so far, that teachers have a low salary and often leave the rural small communities for position in urban and better areas. With a free housing plan, the school can attract better teachers. 

The project has been highly successful as it also secured an official training of the teachers to get the government certified. The school now attracts many children from the surrounding communities as it provides good primary education. The grades of the children are impressive in comparison with surrounding communities.

The project contributes toquality education in compliance with the current UN Sustainable Development Goals.