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Infrastructure Rehabilitation Liberia

Infrastructure Rehabilitation Liberia

After 14 years of civil war, a large part of the Liberian infrastructure has been destroyed. Many bridges are destroyed or have collapsed because of the destruction of the war, or the general lack of maintenance as a result of the war.

In cooperation with the Danish Refugee Council (DRC), a number of EWB-DK volunteers were sent to Liberia to assist and advise on the construction and rebuilding of bridges, as well as inspect existing bridges.

This project aims to cover simple bridges, concrete structures, maintenance of roads and bridges, and planning of infrastructure through workshops in Nimba and Harper.

The purpose of this project is to teach the community the importance of maintenance and inspection when it comes to infrastructure like bridges and roads, and will instruct the people about maintenance, inspection, and planning of infrastructure.

The project contributes to sustainable cities and communities in compliance with the current UN Sustainable Development Goals.