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Extension to Medical Clinic in Kovie

Extension to Medical Clinic in Kovie

In Kovié, PRODECK initiated a community medical clinic, by recruiting volunteers such as nurses and midwife. This initiative avoided the shutting down of the medical clinic of Kovié. The medical clinic has becomes very small compared with the activities carried out. Although user fees was implemented to cover the operational cost, PRODECK can't afford to extend the building of the medical clinic to improve the working condition and offer a proper environment for patients

PRODECK prepared the plan of the extended building and the budget. Vincent (EWB-DK member) travelled to Togo to meet all the stakeholders of the project. This mission enabled to reach a commun understanding of the project and start the project.

The objectives was to extend the medical clinic by financing the building of the following rooms: (1) Pharmacy, (2) storage room, (3) a patient resting room.

The project contributes to good health and well-being in compliance with the current UN Sustainable Development Goals.