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Sierra Leone


Comprehensive Household Food Security initiative

Comprehensive Household Food Security initiative

Sierra Leone is a post-conflict country in West Africa. Since the end of the 11-year civil war in 2002, international partners have supported Sierra Leone in rebuilding and healing itself. Economic recovery is slow; Sierra Leone remains one of the poorest countries in the world. About 60% of the population is estimated to live under the poverty line, with a concentration in rural areas.

The main purpose of this pilot project is to facilitate viable initiatives with the amputee households to help themselves as the main stakeholders with the implementation of activities which they believe can play an important role in improving their overall livelihood and specifically in the short term their household food security situation. Focus is on economic growth and improved nutrition.

The three amputee household townships Norway, Elise and Turid have the following respective number of households 20, 20 and 17 with an average household of 6 member’s i.e. a total of 342 people who are the target group.

The pilot project will support implementation of four Productive Homesteads packages in each township as well as at the school compound with a number of household level production activities, which can be done within a house compound area and the daily operation done by the individual households with active participation by all the household members. The activity will focus among others on construction of growing walls (vegetable wall, bee hives, scavenger
breading, fruit trees and marketing components. The project will also involve the local school and students as to promote among the students and their families new approach to household farming/vegetable gardening.

The project contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals regarding zero hunger (#2), reduced inequalities (#10) and partnerships for the goals (#17).


  • Project No.: 077
  • Categories: West Africa, Food Security, Sierra Leone
  • Budget: 500.000 DKK
  • Project Manager: Ole Stockholm Jepsen
  • Partner Organization: EWB-SL and AWWA (Amputee and War Wounded Association)