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Em-El-Khar: Establishing Solar Power Energy

Em-El-Khar: Establishing Solar Power Energy

The project establishes solar energy in the village Em-El-Khar, located at the West Bank, approx. 15km south of Hebron, and next to an Isreali settlement. and has about 130 inhabitants. Due to the ongoing conflict in the area, the local communities are deprived of basic human rights, including access to electricity. Alternative energy sources, such as solar power, are to a certain degree accepted and not targeted for destruction. The electricity request from the citizens in Em-El-Khar mainly concerns power for reading light, mobile charging and radio. The reading light is mainly for study purposes (currently, children study under the street lights from the Israeli settlements or next to a lit candle), the mobile charging is for charging a mobile so they can communicate with their surroundings, and the radio is for information and entertainment.

This project establishes a joint effort between EWB-Denmark, EWB-Palestine and EWB-Israel with the objective to create a solar energy system, helping people who suffer from the conflict between Israel and Palestine. The project is carried out under the EWB-International umbrella, to ensure neutrality in relation to the ongoing conflict in the area. The project is carried out by students from Denmark, Israel and Palestine, who work together from their respective universities, on the project design and preparation. The students will be supervised by their respective universities and by engineers from the three EWB countries. 

The project establishes access to electricity for around 130 people, which enables communication for the community, and allows children to continue their education.

The project contributes to affordable and clean energy in compliance with the current UN Sustainable Development Goals.