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Teraja 1. Water and Sanitation Project

Teraja 1. Water and Sanitation Project

In the Karatu district in Northern Tanzania, water supply and sanitation infrastructures are in very poor condition. Additionally, the local communities in rural areas lack a basic understanding of the importance of clean drinking water, and proper sanitation and hygiene behaviour. 

The World Bank, in collaboration with the district authorities, initiated a major project to improve water and sanitation conditions in 10 of the district's 45 villages.

Kambi ya Faru, a village in the Karatu district, is one of the villages not included in the project. The village has been home to supporters of the opposition partners, and it is possible that the exclusion from the project has political reasons. To remedy this inequality, while promoting a low-tech concept in the district, this project establishes access to clean water and improved sanitation. The project supports the villages to partake in their own development, through an approach of help to self-help. The point of departure is the school system, from which a change is being disseminated in the community that can provide lasting and affordable changes that can simultaneously be used as an example for the rest of the district.

The project contributes to clean water and sanitation in compliance with the current UN Sustainable Development Goals.


  • Project No.: 011
  • Categories: Water and Sanitation, East Africa, Tanzania
  • Budget: 15.000
  • Project Manager: Sten Clausen
  • Partner Organization: ASF-Dansk Folkehjælp, KDA - Kataru Development Association