Sierra Leone


Mobile Charging Stations and Income-Generating Activities

Mobile Charging Stations and Income-Generating Activities

The purpose of this initiative is to study how income generating projects/activities can be carried out in the Kenema District in Sierra Leone in order to ensure that projects contribute to the development of the communities in a sustainable and social way. The study shall be based upon follow up on and assessment of the long-term results of the completed technical community-based income generation activities by gathering knowledge and identification of key issues to be taken into consideration for a future intervention in the surrounding communities. 

The initiative will have the aim to identify community strategies (popular participation) on the management and utilisation of community funds generated by the initiative.

In order to ensure continuity with previous projects, information will be collected on the pilot mobile charging project implemented in 2011 - 2015 and by assessing the state of the systems: utilisation, system operation, need, operator qualifications, village commitment and possibilities for support in case of needs for repair or maintenance. 

The objective of the project is to prepare a business model for community based income generation through establishment of mobile charging stations. The outputs of the study are:

  • Assessment of the current state of the previous project’s installations. Guidance on potential improvements in utilisation, operation and maintenance will be provided.
  • Assessing community strategies on management/utilisation of funds generated in the project
  • Identification of viable organisational community-based strategies on management of income generating projects based on own experiences as well as in new perspectives from other local partners and actors
  • Collection of data that can form the basis for the study and future projects (technical, market, security, operational, maintenance, social and economic, ownership)