Sierra Leone


Climate Change Adaption, Freetown Sierra Leone

Climate Change Adaption, Freetown Sierra Leone

In August 2017, a devastating mudslide followed by several flash floods occurred in Sierra Leone’s capital, Freetown, claiming more than 1000 lives and displacing over 5000 people.

Engineers without Borders Denmark (EWB-DK) assisted with the establishment of five new water points within the affected area. These water points were constructed in Kaningo and Pottor, two communities affected by the mudslide, with strong emphasis on community empowerment through awareness raising and capacity building. The communities have little or no experience in preparing for and responding to events such as irregular rainfall causing floods or droughts, and intensified and uncontrolled urbanisation. It is the combination of their exposure to the climate related risks and their lack of organisation, experience and skills that make them extremely vulnerable.

This project takes the efforts in Kaningo and Pottor a step further. It will focus on building climate adaptive capacity within the two communities to reduce vulnerability to future natural hazards and reduce the risk that they develop into disasters. The project will build upon the existing community structures and the established stakeholder relationships and introduces a bottom up community driven approach to risk reduction.

The project contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals regarding Clean water and sanitation (#6), Climate action (#13) and partnerships for the goals (#17).