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Muavika: Water and Sanitation

Muavika: Water and Sanitation

The Karatu District is located in the Arusha region in the northern part of Tanzania. The district consists of 13 wards, where 12 of them are rural and one is peri-urban; thus Karatu District can be classified as mainly rural. The population of the Karatu district is just below 188,000 individuals, living in 34,000 households of an average size of 5-6 persons. The water supply is scarce and cattle’s grazing often becomes difficult or impossible.

This project targets both the institutional and technical causes for the low level of proper WASH services prevalent in the district of Karatu. The project empowers local communities in the Karatu district to get involved in their own development, and increases the awareness of water, sanitation and hygiene related issues, low-cost WASH-technologies and improved sanitation and hygiene practices. The project additionally empowers a network of NGOs,  establishing advocacy towards the Karatu District Council and Development Officer, regarding findings of service delivery gaps. 

The project empowers local communities, and improves living conditions in 3 villages in the Karatu District, to the benefit of approximately 10,000 persons.

The project contributes to clean water and sanitation in compliance with the current UN Sustainable Development Goals.